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We are a small group and are running the museum in our free time. To keep it going, we set up an association dedicated to keep the memory alive. Our  group actually consists of 13 people, age ranges from 20's to 70's. We are Air Force enthusiasts as well as Army interested people and collectors of related  W.W.II stuff.  In 1997, plans were made for a couple of events to celebrate the anniversary of the local music band and the firefighters of Perlé. Plans for a monument  dedicated to the 18 airmen came up. The Municipality of Rambrouch donated three rooms in the former school building to set up a small exhibition with  parts of the two planes for the anniversary and monument dedication ceremonies to be held in 1998.  On 21st June 1998, veterans of the 385th Bombardment Group (H) attended the dedication of the monument in front of the church. With the great  support of the US Army Forces in Europe, the events knew an outstanding success.  The exhibition, first to be shown for the dedication ceremony only, soon grew and many interesting parts showed up and donations completed the  collection. Veterans of the 385th Bombardment Group donated personal items, materiel and uniforms. Parts from B-17 crash sites all over Luxembourg  made the collection even more valuable. The collection was installed for permanent display and the museum was born.  Even more items, donations of local people and veterans made the collection fill up the three rooms, so the need of a larger showroom became obvious.  Plans for new, larger showrooms in the former school building were made. The Municipality of Rambrouch began work on the renovation and  transformation of the building end of 2000.  Generous donators and supporters from Luxembourg, the United States and all over the world helped to make the collection even greater. Many veterans  donated personal items telling their story of life and service during W.W.II.   Very extraordinary items found their way to Perle and make the actual museum collection worth visiting. With the outstanding help of many supporters  and donators, the collection may be one of the finest Air Force collections in Luxembourg and in Europe.  Board  MELCHIOR Fränk  president  KASEL Gast  vice-president  - secretary  SCHAEFFER Yves  treasurer  FELLER Roger  honorary president  AREND Serge  associate member  FELLER Max  associate member  FELLER Jeanny  associate member  PLETSCHETTE Pierre  associate member