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Royal Air Force & Royal Air Force Association Luxemburg Branch Ceremony at the 385th BG Memorial in Perlé + the RAF graves in Rambrouch on Oct.6th 2012
Ceremony on Mar.11th 2012
10th Anniversary of the Association “Friends of the 385th Bomb Group & Memorial Museum” (today 385th Bomb Group Memorial Museum) on Jun. 7th 2008
Unveiling ceremony for Lt. Robert SOVERN on May 13th 2006
Unveiling ceremony for Lt. Harold G.STALNAKER in Kehlen/Luxemburg on Oct.8th 2006
Ceremony for Lt. Charles E. PAMERLEE, 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron in Rambrouch in 2005
Ceremony on Jun. 25th 2005
60th Anniversary of the “Battle of the Bulge” on Dec. 18th 2004
US Air Force Band in Folschette on Oct. 27th 2004
Ceremony on Jul. 10th 2004
“Explore the Eifel 2013” fair at the 52nd Fighter Wing Airbase in Spangdahlem / Germany
Board members of the association at the 52nd Fighter Wing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Spangdahlem Airbase on may 10th 2013
Luxembourg National Holiday 2013 celebrated on june 22nd 2013 in Perlé, USAF members from Spangdahlem/Ramstein Airbase attended the ceremony
OPEN HOUSE DAY september 29th 2013
Lt.Willard HAGMAN flag presentation on  Feb. 11th 2014
“Explore the Eifel 2014” fair at the 52nd Fighter Wing Airbase in Spangdahlem / Germany
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french version
70th Anniversary Mid-Air Crash ceremony 12 JUL 2014
“The Ghost Army” European Premiere in Luxembourg
385th BGMM board visits the 435th AGOW Ramstein air base on Feb. 7th 2014