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Name : Seena LUNDSTROM Date : 10/05/2014 Message : Looking for Bill Murray was tail gunner for Evert Lundstrom and Mathias Leupold Hell’s Belles 385th (to contact Seena, please send message to museum385bg@yahoo.com) Name : Douglas E. FAUBER Date : 22/12/2013 Message : Haven’t visited lately. Looks great. My dad would be proud of this. (1st lt. Clarence E. Fauber, died Aug 31, 2002) Name : Lin WEIKERT Date : 4/8/2013 Message : I really enjoyed the new website. Very well laid out, and easy to use. I liked all the pictures that have been added. My dad was Ruel G.Weikert, and was pilot on the Mary Pat. Name : Fred G.Borns Date : 3/28/2013 Message : Love the website. My dad, Fred E.Borns was PIC on Sleepytime Gal from June through Aug 1944. Great crew, Ed Lowe, Maury Nysether, Marion Jindra, Lou Young, Eric bergeron, Ed Skelly. dad passed away on Veteran’s day 2002. Name: Jennifer Berins E-Mail: jennifer.berins@dslextreme.com Text: My GrandFather is Sol Mullin. He is 96 and still going strong. He was a Navigator in the 385th BG. His crew was #8017, pilot Semer and co-pilot Sheets and his good friend Henry T. LeFevre Jr. Looking for any photos or memories. Thank You!     04.02.2013 0:51   Name: Sam Smith E-Mail: sammis1955@yahoo.com Text: Rick St Thomas I believe Walter was the father of my late husband. I do have a picture of him taken in his uniform   02.02.2013 0:19   Name: Linda Kelly Nee Kitsz E-Mail: Lindaschuyler@Yahoo.com Text: looking for information regarding my Dad's crew "William Kitsz who flew a B-17 in WWII he is going to be 90 soon and need information Thanks Linda Kelly